higher standards

Click below to see our HIGHER standards in each category:

– Low E Argon gas filled windows
– High efficiency gas fired hot water heater (rented)
– R-27 continuous insulation = R22 exterior wall insulation + R5 styrorail
– R-60 blown insulation in attic space
– R-26 continuous floor to ceiling insulation on basement walls
– 6 mil UV polyethylene vapour barrier
– R-12 garage door
– R-12 garage ceiling insulation
– Taped warm air ducts
– R10 continuous underslab insulation and injected polyurethane foam basement headers
– Common walls of garage insulated

A collection of options are available for review so that each home can be personalized to individual requirements.
Purchaser to have choice of colors and materials from Builder’s samples of the following unless already ordered and installed:

  • all floor coverings
  • all cabinets and counter tops in kitchen and bathrooms
  • tiles for soaker tubs and walk in showers if applicable
  • stone, siding and roof shingles

Clients to meet with Corvinelli Team to select exterior/interior finishes. This session is limited to 3hrs. Failure to adhere to this time frame may result in construction delays and/or charges for design consultation fees

Items to consider after occupancy (not included):

  • Paved driveway
  • Air conditioning
  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Eavestrough